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The notion of The Eternity Funeral Plan began with two partners. After a thorough analysis of the funeral industry in the United Kingdom, they realised that the current funeral plan industry was not adequate for customers.

 Rising costs and high initial outlays are harsh as it is, but it only scratches the surface of unfairness. A lack of transparency makes it difficult for customers to make well-informed decisions about a funeral plan. They have to endure pushy sales calls and appalling prices. Here is how we are different.

 We make plans and conditions transparent from the start. Instead, we offer a full 15-year refund and funeral pledge to prove our commitment to fairness. What does this mean? Well, if you are still alive in 15 years, and haven’t called on your funeral plan, then you will get a refund of all money paid in to your plan, and we will still pay for your eventual funeral. After all, we are the best funeral plan provider the UK market has seen. 

Prestigious plans that are affordable

Planning the end of your life should not be difficult or cost you a fortune. Our different funeral plan options cover all price brackets. We ensure that all funeral plan holders have their chosen end of life celebration. It should be exactly how you and your family wants it to be. We cover everything from the funeral venue to the wake and more. And if you are eligible to get your money back, then you will have a bespoke end of life service for free. We are the only funeral plan company in the world who can offer you an opportunity like this.

We support you and your family.

Your Eternity Funeral Plan covers the wishes of you and your family. It is central to our core beliefs. We carry out your end of life vision to the letter. Furthermore, we make sure that your loved ones have all the support they need when it matters. Our care for your family does not end at the bespoke service. Well trained personnel will keep in touch with you. Moreover, they offer advice and guidance for as long as is necessary.

Satisfied Customer

A Few Word From Our customers

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Pravin B. London

They seemed to offer what no other plan company does so we decided to go with them. Knowing that your money will come back to you if you don’t call on it is a relief. No one else that we tried was able to offer that for us, so we went with Unique. Haven’t regretted it.

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Bert H. Bristol

Polite and not pushy, they did what they said in the time scale they promised. I was with another plan company before and they were just interested in taking my money, with no money back offers or anything like that. The transfer over went smoothly too. The young lady stayed late in the office just to confirm to me that everything was in order. Don’t often see such service nowadays. Would recommend.

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Mrs Jean S. Birmingham

Friendly attentive service from Vicky, never rushed me to make a decision, she listened to what I wanted, asked me some questions, and recommended a lower priced plan to the one I was considering. When I mentioned this, she still recommended her original suggestion one as she pointed out I didn’t require the additional bits on the one I was looking at. When I called again Vicky wasn’t available but Hannah was able to help me equally professionally. Thank You!


We offer our services up to 17% cheaper than our competitors. But that does not mean we cut back on quality in any funeral plan. Instead, we provide the best value for money in the entire country.


We keep an eye on all the funeral directors in an extensive database. As a result of this monitoring, they will always perform above expectations.


We have an investment trust known as The Sterling Trust. The money that we take from you goes there and stays safe. If The Eternity Funeral Plan ever reaches the end of its journey, then you will be guaranteed to get all your money back.

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